Remedies to Spiritual Maladies

Remedies to Spiritual Maladies

The Quranic stories (english) - Dr abdus Sattar

Dr Abdus Sattar

Paperback, 93 Pages
13.7 x 21.4 cm
ISBN: 81-7101-475-5
Idara Ishaat E Diniyat (P) Ltd.

There is no doubt that the Prophets of Allah were the best of all people on the face of the earth. Quran, in great detail, mentions the important events in their lives. However, they are not just mere stories, rather they contain significant lessons and admonitions for us to correct our ways.

The book by Dr Abdus Sattar is a collection of the lives of the holy Prophets mentioned in the Quran. Running through 93 pages, the author, in a very short and lucid manner, has narrated the stories of 14 prophets, along with the stories of Zul-Qarnain and the companions of the cave mentioned in Surah Kahf.
The book is a good source for those who want to know more in less amount of time.

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