Why Islamic Forbids Intoxicants & Gambling

Why Islamic Forbids Intoxicants & Gambling

Islam, Jesus, Mehdi, Qadiyanis and Doomsday

Professor Muhammad Abdullah
Paperback, 165 Pages
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This book is a response to the claims by different people of being the Mahdi and Messiah. The author examines whether the claimants are right or wrong and what are the true signs of Mahdi and Messiah (Isa (as)) as discussed in the Quran and Hadith.

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A number of people have recently claimed to be Imam Mahdi (of Muslims) and Messiah (Jesus son of Mary of Muslims and Christians). Let us examine this work if they are right or wrong. The signs of the True Mahdi and Messiah are clearly discussed in this from the Quran and the hadith for our guidance on this important subject and controversy.

The Qadiani – Ahmadis falsely claim that their leader Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was the promised Messiah. Black Ansarus (in the U.S) claim that their leader is Jesus Christ. The Black Nation of Islam in the U.S claims that Fard was both, Mahdi, Messiah and God (Almighty) in one person.

There are other people among the Christians who claim to be Messiah.

The prophet (saw), the last prophet explained the signs of doomsday in considerable detail so that his followers would be more prepared for it and recognize Mahdi and Messiah when they come.

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