The Story of Prophet Nuh

The Story of Prophet Nuh

Sunnats of our beloved prophet

Sunnats of our beloved prophet

The End of The World - Signs of the Hour : Major & Minor

Dr.Muhammad al-'Areefi

1st Edition, 2014
Hardback, 425 Pages with colored illustrations and maps
14.7 x 21.7 cm
ISBN: 9786035001298
Darul Islam Publishers

The knowledge about the signs of the Hour allows man to be prepared to deal with them in the manner as prescribed in Islam, thereby eliminating any confusion concerning them. The one who has the correct knowledge will never be taken by surprise rather will know very clearly when the Sign occurs.

This book, the End of the World - Signs of the Hour - Major and Minor (نهاية العالم) discusses about the various Major and Minor signs of Qiyamah in an unambigous manner with references to the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet (saw).

The author, Dr. Abd Al Rahman Al-'Areefi, A Professor at the Aqeedah and Contemporary Religions Faculty at the KingSa'ud University, Riyadh , KSA has painstakingly explained each Sign in detail and clarity. he has authored a total of 27 books.

In an atmosphere where Islam is under attack from all sides, culturally and politically, this books gives hope to the reader while giving him an idea about the sequence of the Signs that will take place until Allah (swt) will make Islam victorious and spread it throught the world and diminish all other religions.


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The end of the World – Signs of the Hour – Major and Minor is a book authored by Dr. Muhammad ibn Abd al Rahman Al Areefi, Professor of ‘Aqeedah and contemporary religions at the King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA.

The book has been divided into two sections, the first is about the Minor signs of the Hour and the second about the Major signs of the Hour.

The Minor signs are further divided into those that have already occurred and those that still are yet to take place.

The Minor signs that have already occurred include

-Appearance of woman who are clothed yet naked
-Barefoot, Naked shepherds competing in the construction of tall buildings
-false testimony
-Careless about the sources of wealth being from Halal or Haram
-Bringing friends close and keeping fathers away
-the leader of the people being the vilest among them
-showing respect to a man for fear of his evil
-Adultery being regarded permissible
-alcohol being regarded permissible
-Increase in the occurrence of earth Quakes

The Minor Signs that have not yet taken place

-Trees will speak
-Rocks will speak in support of Muslims
-Muslims will fight the Jews
-The Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold
-Wild Animals will speak
-The Kabah will be destroyed
-Tall buildings will be built in Makkah
-The Appearance of Mahdi

These are some of the minor signs that are yet to take place.

The Second section of the book discusses the Major Signs of the Hour. They are 10.

The author has explained each of these in detail by allocating a chapter to each of the major Sign

Major Sign I – The Appearance of Dajjal (False Messiah)

This chapter discusses about the False Messiah ‘Dajjal’, His emergence and why is he named ‘Dajjal’ and what claims will he make. The author also dwelves into the discussion as to why Dajjal has not been discussed in the Quran.

He explains how Dajjal is the greatest Fitna that will ever appear on the face of the earth and how should the believers prepare for his arrival. He explains the various events that will take place before he appears and the place where he will appear. he also explained about the various speculations about the Dajjals presence being in the Bermuda triangle.

He explains how the Dajjal will and the cause of his emergence and how long will he stay and in the end how will he die.

The key lesson that any reader will take from this chapter is regarding the preparations that one needs to make so that he can be saved from this great emergent turmoil. The author explains what a Muslim should do if he meets the Dajjal.

Major Sign II – The descent of ‘Eesa (as)

This chapter discusses the ascension of Eesa (as) to the heaven and his descent and the circumstances when this will occur. The period of time he will stay and his Hajj are also discussed in this chapter.

Major Sign III – The Emergence of Yajooj and Majooj

This chapter discusses about dhul Qarnayn and his meeting with Yajooj and Majooj (Gog and magog) and the barrier that he built to restrain yajooj and Majooj. The author discusses as to who are Yajooj and Majooj and their religion.

Major Sign IV , V and VI – Three Landslides

This chapter discusses about the three major landslides that will occur in the Ummah at different places. One will occur in the east, another in the West and another in the Arabian Peninsula

Major sign VII – The Smoke

This chapter discusses about a large smoke that will engulf all the space between the heavens and Earth. The author explains the scholarly difference on the meaning of the term ‘smoke’.

Major sign VIII – the Beast

This chapter discusses about the appearance of a beast that will emerge before the final Hour. The beast will be unique as it will speak to the people in their language. The author explains the real nature of this beast and how it will mark the believers distinct from the disbelievers.

Major sign IX – The rising of the sun from the place of its setting (west)

This chapter discusses about the rising of the rising of the sun from the place where it sets and that this will occur once however beyond this moment Allah (swt) will not accept any tawbah. The gates of repentance will be closed after this forever

Major sign X – The Fire

This chapter discusses about the fire that will emerge in yemen and drive the people to the land of gathering and bring them all together there. This chapter discusses about the characteristics of this Fire, how will it look like, how will it emerge and from where and what will be the consequences of this fire.

This 426 pages book is a must read for an indepth knowledge of this important aspect of the Islamic Aqeedah.


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